Theresa Palmer Says The Modern Man Should Embrace Vulnerability

Actress and prominent gender equality activity Theresa Palmer told a crowd in Melbourne that there are many men in the world setting a good example for young men.

The Australian star made several poignant comments on the role of the modern man during a panel at the inaugural GQ Australia Gentlemen’s ball, presented by Penfolds and supported by Harrolds, BMW, and Paco Rabanne.

Palmer, along with husband Mark Webber was on stage in conversation with host Edwina McCann, discussing the way the new generation of both men and women can help usher in a new dawn of true equality between genders.

Talent: Edwina McCann
Talent: Theresa Palmer
Talent: Mark Webber
Videography: Karon

GQ Executive Producer: Jack Phillips

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  • I don't personally know Theresa and Mark, but I have followed their Tez Talks and Vlogs. I see them as a couple of the future, but unfortunately not enough people have caught on. Someone told me long ago you know something is good or bad based on if every person on earth chose to do it all at once. I see them and know that we would all be much better following their light (and no kool-aide is involved).

    Karen Lm May 2, 2020 6:11 pm
  • Sorry, Mark is too SJW feminized. It's good to be kind and loving but he's been deballed. A 10-year-old worrying about cheerleaders. Fucking ridiculous. One extreme tot he next. I'm a big fan of her acting but less so now. Hollyweird communism.

    Andy Martin May 2, 2020 6:11 pm